Sunday, 14 March 2010


repulsion number four - my iPod is broken. it works but it cannot be clicked.


some work coming soon.. :) hate not having a laptop

Saturday, 6 March 2010


I'm currently embarking on a project that involves creating an illustrated map. I've never done a map before, and I'm still going through my usual trouble of creating interesting linework and not knowing how to add colour to it, so it should be an interesting journey. I have been experimenting with using pen and ink instead of fineliner at the moment and it seems to be working quite well for me, shame I spilt half of my black ink pot all over my desk at uni the other day though! Here's a page from my sketchbook with some pen and ink experiments..

I also went to the Tate in St. Ives today, and saw their exhibition of Dexter Dalwood's paintings and collages. I'd never heard of Dalwood before, but I enjoyed the way that he used collages as a starting point for his large oil paintings - the way he faithfully reproduces the images, right down to the torn edges and cut pieces of paper was visually stunning. I also found the back stories of each piece quite interesting, particularly the series of interior paintings that represented events in popular history.

Soon I will be starting another blog - a film review blog - which will include illustrations and my own writing. I'm not really expecting a big readership but it'll make a good hobby and a good project in the meantime.

Monday, 1 March 2010


I repel technology. I really do.

Repulsion number one - Laptop Charger. I am writing this blog fom my boyfriend's laptop, as my laptop charger is currently having a fit. I have no idea why, maybe it broke because...

Repulsion number two - we had a ten hour long power cut. In the midst of this power cut my flatmate managed to give me a fat lip by way of hug/walk collision. AND I missed Being Human, so I don't know quite how to feel.

Repulsion number three - my lovely Skullcandy headphones have broken... which makes me feel very sad. I've had them for about six months now and the headphone plug wire has come loose... good job I have some old spare headphones I can use!

Seeing as I don't have my laptop at the moment, I had to refer to my deviantart page to get some form of work to show. ( So here is a photo of my cousin's cat, for your enjoyment! :)