Thursday, 24 February 2011


Today was my formative assessment at uni, and we had to present the work that we've been doing since october to a group of second years. I was pretty nervous about it and I am sure my face went a lovely shade of ruby, but I think I got through it ok. It was nice to see the work of other third years who I don't usually get to see but at the same time it was nice to have some familiar faces to calm me down! I remember being in the presentations in second year and thinking, man, I am not looking forward to doing that! and now that it's over I feel so relieved. Another hurdle over!

Currently I am working on a children's book - that's right, a children's book- they're chipping the ice from the gates of hell as we speak! Joking aside though, as much as I was afraid to even go near a children's book, when my aunt asked me to illustrate her story it was such a lovely story I really believed it needed to be done and today I feel like I'm going to do it some justice. I've been working on it for about three weeks and I have a couple of dummy books and huge pages of colour studies, and I think it's going in a good direction! Might even enter it into macmillan if I am confident about it.

Here are a few character studies I have done for the main protagonist, Daisy. I used lots of different materials and tried to be quite free as I was told to loosen up, and I think it's working.

Daisy doing a bit of ballet.
Time to play pirates!

Overall I'm feeling quite good about illustration at the moment. I am also very excited about our New York trip that's coming up after Easter! I am mentioning this now because I found out yesterday that there is to be an exhibition of the late great Alexander McQueen's couture in May, and it's going to be held at the Met in New York when I am going to be there! Which makes the trip a million times more exciting, can't wait to go. (The BBC have done a great slideshow of some of the pieces that'll be featured, check it out here)

Shall post up some more colour studies and maybe some page layouts soon. And I might also treat you with one of my 6's, more news on that later!

Saturday, 19 February 2011


Just a few photos of the cake I made for my flatmate's 21st birthday last week. The heart shaped mould was in the valentine's themed offers at Lidl last week so I'm not sure if they will still have them, but they were much cheaper than the usual so if you fancy one go see if they have any left! The rose decorations and pink glitter were from Asda and the candles were from the delectable Trago Mills!

Millie will also have a little piece about her birthday on her blog here.

Friday, 18 February 2011

New Portfolio website!

Hello everyone! Well the wait is finally over (!) and my portfolio website is finally online for everyone to see. There is a page dedicated to artworks and a page which is sketchbook and visual studies stuff, some of which I have posted on here before. I will probably try to update it maybe once every six weeks or so seeing as I am still creating artworks for uni, and maybe more frequently if I get lucky and manage to get some commissions! I somehow managed to build it all myself through photoshop and dreamweaver with the help of one of my tutors at uni who was brilliant. I wanted to give people a good impression of my work on the homepage which is why I decided to incorporate two of my favourite things - cupcakes and vintage typography.

Hope you like it!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011


So - about that Harry Potter themed birthday present I mentioned last week. I can now reveal it, as it is the recipient's birthday today and I won't ruin the surprise. Happy Birthday Lily!

I handcrafted a Harry Potter Hogwarts acceptance letter for a special treat for Lily's birthday. I will mention that she is 19 - might not be best to do this for a child and get the hopes up of an 11 year old and have them realise they can't actually go to Hogwarts. Who am I kidding, of course they can.

Anyway, I got some tan coloured Murano paper and cut it up into a4 sized pages. I then used my desktop printer just to put the Hogwarts crest at the top of each page, and wrote out the letter word for word from the book (my friend would have pointed out any mistakes if I had not done this!) in a lovely emerald green acrylic ink using a dip pen. I also printed out a Hogwarts Express train ticket and popped it all inside a cardboard envelope. I wrote out her address in the style of the letter that Harry gets in the movie version, and then put another Hogwarts crest on the back with the words "owl post" in script. I finished it off with a sealed wax stamp. It's safe to say that she loved it!
Hogwarts letter page 1. I signed Minerva's name with black ink instead of green for a bit of authenticity!

Owl post with a Hogwarts crest which I found simply through weheartit here

I added this train ticket to the envelope too. Again, probably not so good to give this to a child that may believe in it all too much...

Hogwarts crest printed through my normal everyday desktop printer, with hand written school name underneath.

This was such a fun present to make, and I really felt like it was going to mean something to her. She definitely loved it and she told me she's going to frame it for the wall. It took me around two hours to finish the letter fully, so it didn't exactly take much of my time either - a great gift idea I thought! I also made one for my flatmate as it was her birthday last week, will put some photos of her birthday cake in the next post.

Sunday, 13 February 2011


Just a quick update to say that I have just uploaded an entry into the design competition over at Don't Panic Magazine to design a poster for the film Norwegian Wood, which is hitting cinemas nationwide in a few week's time.

There are some other really fantastic entries on the site so I have some stiff competition, but I hope that people like the 60s style of my poster. If you would like to vote click here. Thankyou!

Monday, 7 February 2011


Today was a bit of a milestone in the progress of my degree. I went into town today and got my final copies of my dissertation bound and ready to hand in - yippee! At a rather large 8497 words I am glad to say it's finally over, all done and ready for marking. Though the annoying thing is I don't find out what I got until I actually get my results in June, but there we go. The finishing of said dissertation means that from now on 100% of my time can be dedicated to studio work, which should fully enable me to come up with some great stuff. In theory.

Currently I am still working on my personal website, which will be linked from here in a few weeks when it goes live (Very exciting) and will also link back to this blog. (and will also link to my twitter, very linked up indeed). I have included here a few sketches that will be appearing in the sketchbook part of my web site just so you have something to look at. These were some drawings I did in second year as part of research for various projects.

Also today I wandered around Falmouth looking for some last minute Birthday preparations for a couple of important people, trust them to all have birthdays in the same month! As I was looking for some sticky back plastic (all will be revealed in the future!) I wandered through WHSmith past something rather beautiful on the shelf. Through a bit of internet research I found that these new Harry Potter book covers are aimed at bringing the books to an audience that did not grow up with them.

They really caught my eye as truly brilliant book covers, this one for the Prisoner of Azkaban being my favourite (click here for the illustrator's website, some beautiful stuff on there). I love the simplicity of the design as well as the colours she has chosen to use. I also love the way that, if you have read the books already, you know exactly what the illustration is referencing, and at the same time if you haven't read them it creates a lovely sense of visual intrigue.

I adore these covers and it would make me buy them again even though I have read all the books to death!

Also this week I have been very busy creating a birthday surprise for one of my friends - photos of which will go up next week as I don't want to ruin the surprise!