Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I have finally put scissor to magazine and done something creative! yippee! why is it that every time I have visual studies I like what I produce more in those lessons than what I do for my actual work. I should really re-evaluate what I am doing... but for now I can relish in what I have done. Kind of.

Next stop book jackets for me at uni - Shakespeare called out to me and I had to answer. I'm thinking paper theatres and crazy photographs so far, and I hope spending time with my foundation friendlies last week in bourneymouth has inspired me to be a bit more out there. It was my friend's 21st and we had fun times with barbecues and very chocolatey gateaux, and I have realised how good it is to be around arty people because it really influences you.

I also passed up the opportunity to buy an old polaroid camera the other day and now I'm kind of regretting it - I thought the film cost would outweigh the novelty value but now I am not so sure! maybe luck will come to me and the camera will be sitting there waiting for me when I go back to the car boot. For now I will be content with the 3ft barbie doll I got, now named Brian.

Saturday, 3 April 2010


I forgot.

I love the new Doctor.

I hate to turn my back on David Tennant, but after watching Matt Smith's first turn as the Doctor, I am so glad he totally outdid the expectations I had. And as for Amy Pond, isn't she beautiful!


I apologise in advance for the first bit of drivel. If you like pictures, scroll down and forget this bit! (Or look up and enjoy my new banner... if that's what it is meant to be called?) I'll mark the start and end of it so you can skip it how nice of me.

look away now

I never intended this blog to get personal, but I came across something a few hours ago that surprised me, something that was written to me that I have only just read. I won't post a link to it, they know who they are, I reckon.
Things at the start of this year got messy, and I didn't know how to handle them - but I know now that things in the past are unchangeable, doesn't matter how petty and insignificant or huge they might be, life is as it is in the end.

To make it clear, I'm not looking for resolution here, I just want to say this. I hate to read things that I know are intended for me when the person writing doesn't feel like they can tell me, and by writing this obviously I am doing the same, but there isn't much else I can do with this information at this point. At first I felt a little cheated and hurt, but now I realise that it's simply just happened now. It's history. Everyone wonders what ever happened to those people you lost contact with at some point in your lives, but sometimes life sees an improvement without those people, on both sides. There are some people from my past that I truly miss, and it's my responsibility to get back in touch with them, and there are those that I left behind because I had to. For my sanity.

This is by no means a personal attack, however. I am about to do something totally lame and terrible, yet strangely apt - I just watched the video to a Destiny's Child song, and those words they sang are just right for this, so I'm going to quote them. Laaaaame!

"I'm wishin' you the best,
Pray that you are blessed,
Much success, no stress, and loads of happiness,
(I'm better than that)..."

read again now

Back to important things. New banner - hope you like it, it's stuck together bits of other illustrations because it's all I have at the moment!
I have re-discovered tweeting as well, still don't fully understand it but I think I am getting there, someone might be interested!

For those of you that think this blog is full of too many words at the moment, here are some pictures, hooray! I made a birthday cake for a friend of mine who turned 21 at the end of last month, and I got creative with the decorations...

I scoured Kidderminster for that Giraffe. £4.75 they wanted, in Early Learning! Christ! Eventually I found a bag of assorted jungle animals in BM, with awesome faces. For £1.99. Awesome. Someones getting an elephant cake next.

I can't remember if I posted a picture of Millie's birthday cake.. oh well seeing as I am putting cakey images up here I might as well rekindle the joy with food! I realised recently that when I have a camera in my hand I love taking pictures of animals, plants and food. I have probably said this before and I stand by it, they are just better behaved than people! Maybe one day I will be able to control a perfect portrait shoot. But, here's a cake in the mean time.


there has been a lot going on but I am far too tired to recount it all right now - I will post again soon so I can really go through! For now, here are some photos I took at the Botanical Gardens in Birmingham. In these particular ones I focused on birds, namely macaws and budgerigars, but I do have many of the plants which I might put up tomorrow. I do think these birds are rather beautiful, especially the one that squawked "ello children!" at us.