Sunday, 25 October 2009


Since I have been back at uni I have been hankering for some baking, I really do miss making cupcakes. Since buying a new cookery book over summer, I really got into baking and I made loads and loads of things so I just thought I would post a few photos of my creations from over summer, and hopefully in the future if I manage to make something special in our oven I will get a snap of it for you.

Saturday, 24 October 2009


My housemate Millie knows me too well. She came back from work last night all excited, and told me she had a present for me, and removed a cutting from The Sun newspaper from her bag.

here it is.

love you millie. and love you, sun newspaper sub editor.

I want to see her dancing all over the polls.

Friday, 23 October 2009


I forgot to actually add text to my last blog, so here we go. We have been experimenting with expressive faces in our visual studies sessions at uni over the past two weeks, and the previous image is one of these examples. I used fineliner for the image in the last blog, and for the next image in this blog I used gouache paint for the face and Crayola wax crayons for the hair. I love experimenting with new combinations of materials and I'm really getting into using gouache paint.

Life outside of my studio has been just so, nothing too exciting happening but it's life isn't it. Seen a few friends, done a few errands, same old same. Watched the movie Year One with my flatmates the other day, which was mediocre, but Michael Cera who I love had some brilliant one liners, made me happy.

Another thing I haven't mentioned in this blog yet, seeing as it is called thoughts and observations, is something I like to observe all the time - spelling. It's become a little bit of an obsession for me, which is probably bad considering my boyfriend is dyslexic, but I keep wanting to correct bad spelling that I see all over the place. Here's a few examples.

A category label on a shelf in my university library, in the section refering to folklore...

"399 - Customs & Folk Law"

A sign in my university cafe...

"Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows"

My friend from uni writing something on her hand...


Another friend who works in a bar showed me his promo posters...

"A great experiance"

there's just a few examples. You might think it's a bit of an obsession, which it really is, and I do sometimes feel bad for pointing them out. But as trivial as it is, it doesn't half get to me! Although I do enjoy it when these signs become humorous because of their downfalls!

8th Feb 2010 - Just realised since writing this blog I have infact changed the name of the blog to drawings and spelling mistakes, purely because of how much each amuses me :)

Thursday, 15 October 2009


I was very sad to find out yesterday that Maggie Jones, who plays Blanche Hunt in the soap Coronation Street, has been through a serious operation and an illness :( she is on the mend now, and I am very glad as I think she is so fabulous. Her comedy performances are second to none, and she is the subject of various caricatures that I do for my brother, one of them in the birthday card I have recently finished for him. My brother and I have many inside random jokes that we share and it has now become a little tradition for me to document them on his birthday cards, so here is an image of it for all of you/nobody who read this. The jokes come from all kinds of sources,a lot of them on youtube, so if you are curious in any of them you could try searching "the milk sex and the city", "yu-gi-oh abridged", "potter puppet pals" or "123456Pokemon". I haven't posted the cardt to him yet so I hope he likes it when he receives it soon (postalstrike forgiving!)

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


First lesson of visual studies today, which means lots of media experimentation and drawing fun. Last year was very unstructured and frankly didn't really help very much, but this year we have a different tutor and a different brief so we have some direction, YAY!

can't seem to get the uploader to work for me today so it'll be no pictures for this blog :( I would write about a few little dramas but there isn't really much exciting to say! I will say about my friend though, who recently lost a parent in a very sudden way, and I am so proud of him for coping so well with everything that has been happening, and it really puts it into perspective how amazing humans are at coping with things. It makes you realise how lucky you are to have people in your life.

Monday, 12 October 2009


Ok, I admit I have already seemed to forget about blogging slightly, as I have had lots of project work to be getting on with for uni over the last week. Had a project about contextualising an inanimate object to make it into something conceptual, and my word was bags, which was a fun little project to start off with. Getting onto the editorials this week, which will be fun!

This weekend (saturday 10th) was my first year anniversary with Chris, and we had a really great day,and he gave me a fab little necklace as a gift :) I can't believe it has been a year since we met and it's amazing to think how time has passed without noticing, which was highlighted this week as I didn't even realise I hadn't blogged all week!

to finish, here's a small section of one of the"bag" illustrations I did last week, which was all about emotional baggage and beight weighed down by your emotions on a daily basis. I used patterned and plain coloured papers to make this collage.

Sunday, 4 October 2009


Here's something I forgot to post a few days ago when I decorated my little uni room. I made a few montages of cuttings from magazines on my walls to brighten them up a bit, and I really am very fond of them so I thought I would share them with you. The images come from elle magazine, dazed and confused, the times fashion and culture supplements and glamour magazine. See if you can spot Kristen Stewart, Christina Aguilera, Lindsay Lohan, Pamela Anderson, and Britney Spears among them, some very well disguised!


Yesterday was a really good day. I love girlie time when I can get it and when I was asked to go into town with the girls in my flat I couldn't say no, so off we went down into Falmouth on a mission for party dresses and various tranclements for millie, but unfortunately it was a bad shopping day in Fal. Millie wanted an iPod and they weren't in stock, Lal needed a dress and there just wasn't anything good on offer. So because of this we decided to hit Truro for a little more city shopping - much more of a success! Sale bargains to be had, and one bargain iPod for millie.

Later that night we went down to the Shed for some cocktails, a fab little bar down by the Maritime Museum, if you ever get a chance to go there do it because they have amazing food and fabulous cocktails. I had one, and straight away I was feeling it, and I don't know why! I got a little squiffy, and then we met up with millie who was tired after work, so we came back to our fabulous house. Good night over all, if not short!

Today we plan on going to Jacob's for lunch I think, and then I believe everyone is going to surf, which might be boring for me as I'll only be sitting on the sand watching but hey I can take my poi as there'll be no disruptive kittens there!

No pictures for today, so here's another painting. This time it's Emma Watson from an Elle photoshoot, which is why she's a bit unrecognisable!

Friday, 2 October 2009

Poi attack

Went out into the garden again today to have another go at poi spinning in the hope I would get some peace.

Apparently not.

It does make a good photography game though.

Thursday, 1 October 2009


Today has been a full day. Got up and had yet another walk down into Falmouth, this time with Chris, and had a mooch around the shops in town, in particular Dig N' Delve, one of the greatest and craziest shops in the town! Full of anything you could possibly think of, all sorts of stuff. I got my mom a nice old copy of The King's General by Daphne Du Maurier as she loves her. A bit mildewed but you can't argue for 75p.

Next we went into Truro for a little look around, and I purchased the new Audrey Niffenegger novel, The Fearful Symmetry. I loved the last book of hers I read, The Time Traveler's Wife, which I bought after seeing her at a talk she did at my uni (University College Falmouth) and I thought she was a brilliant character, so I figured her writing would be just as enigmatic as she was, which turned out to be true. I hope that this book is as compelling as the last.

Finally, I bought some poi from another shop in Truro. Now, I have never tried these before, and my boyfriend is interested in learning too so we decided to invest in some. I had a practise in the garden earlier, and was really getting into it when the cat from two doors down ran under the gate and started to claw at my poi! It made a pretty fun game, watching it leap about 3ft into the air every so often, but I had to put them down when I just couldn't get any progress made because of that cat!

has been a good day, however have no relevant pictures to put up, so I think I'll just show you a bit of my work. Here's a painting I did of Kristen Stewart (you'll probably know her as Bella from Twilight) for my summer sketchbook. Enjoy! :)