Saturday, 31 July 2010


Today, after many days of not doing a lot, I decided to do something a little creative. There was a bag of scrap bits of fabric lurking under my desk, so now they are all happily sewn together in the form a lovely patchwork quilt. :) I have never done this before, and so far I only have the front, but once I have some stuffing and a backpiece it will all be finished in a wonderful feast for the eyes!

I put my hairbrush there in the corner so you can see how big it is, it's about 120cm square (ish!)
After my slightly wonky sewing I think I have a good little quilt. It's a bit skewiff in places but it's going to look fab in my room in Falmouth once it's finished :)

Monday, 26 July 2010


I realised that I talked about a poster I did for uni work in an earlier blog and then never posted the finished product, so here it is. Now that I have finished the year I can share it with you :)

Thursday, 22 July 2010


For my birthday, I got two tickets (for me and my mum) to go and see the Sound of Music on-stage at the Birmingham Hippodrome. Apart from being irrationally excited about this, it got me thinking about movies and their soundtracks. Recently I've been more interested in listening to soundtracks than I have artist's albums, I guess they just remind me of the film and they are usually good to sing along to. So seeing as I haven't posted in a while, I thought I would give you a few examples of my favourites, old and new. Maybe it'll inspire you to listen, maybe you will think "oh what terrible taste!"

1. The Sound of Music

Despite how old fashioned or cheesy people might say this is, I think this film is wonderful. Julie Andrews has a beautiful voice, and the songs have become classics. My favourite things, ironically, is my favourite song from this soundtrack, and I think it sounds particularly good when played on a proper record player.

2. Cabaret

I first watched this film when I was part of film club, a recommended extra curricular activity while I was doing my A level in film studies. I love the way that the club is shown, and how beautiful the costumes are! Again, another leading lady with a wonderful voice, Liza makes the songs her own in every scene for me.

3. Atonement

The reason I have chosen this is because of just one arrangement of music - the way that the tapping of the keys on the typewriter transforms into a dramatic piece of music impresses me every time I watch the movie, almost as much as Kiera's amazing green dress.

4. The Twilight Saga - New Moon

This soundtrack is one that I can listen to without really thinking about the fact that the music featured on a film. The songs sound fantastic individually, as well as heard together on the album. The scene in which the camera pans around Bella stands out in my mind as a perfect song choice, with the simple and haunting melody provided by Lykke Li.

5. Footloose

Kevin Bacon, dancing. I think that's all that really needs to be said!

6. Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory

In my world, Tim Burton's assassination of this story does not exist. So here I am referring to the original motion picture from 1971, with the wonderful Gene Wilder inviting us to look around and view paradise in his magical chocolate factory. This movie struck a chord with me when I was a child but it was not until I was older that I really appreciated some of the music in it - particularly Verruca Salt's wonderfully bratty song "I want it now".

7. Amelie

The music in this film is simply brilliant. It has such life and such character, which perfectly reflects Amelie herself who is played perfectly by Audrey Tautou. Listening to this music relaxes me, and whenever I put it on I always become more inspired by the world around me.

8. Moulin Rouge

I. Love. Ewan. McGregor. Before seeing this film, I did not - it was his rendition of Your Song, a song I had also previously disliked, that suddenly made me realise that I did infact have a place in my heart for him! In particular, Elephant Love Medley is in my most played list on iTunes, which goes to show what a wonderful song I think it is. I think the way that the song has been put together with lyrics from many well known rock and pop classics is absolute genius, and gives the piece a unique dynamism.

9. Sweeney Todd (The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

Who knew Johnny Depp could sing? Along with Helene Bonham Carter andJamie Campbell Bower they provide a wonderful soundtrack to this classic horror musical. I will forgive you for this one, Tim.

10. Adventureland

Rock me amadeus!

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Monday, 5 July 2010


First image was an experiment for my White Fawn illustrations which I didn't get to finish because of my operation. The other two are from my scrapbook, images from magazines.

laparoscopic appendectomy

Well well well. Welly Welly Welly. Wellity Wellity Wellity.

it has been a LONG time!

As you may have gathered from the technical sounding blog post title, I had something technical sounding happen to me at the start of June. On the Saturday I was feeling a little off and in some pain, just thought, ah well, muscles or something. By the Sunday morning I was on my way to the Surgical Receiving Unit at the RCH ready to have my stupid turgid appendix removed. Yippee! Sunday night at around 10pm I was wheeled off to surgery and by Monday afternoon I was back home. Tuesday saw me zooming back to the midlands with my mom and all my stuff in tow, ready for some recovery.

So here I am, four weeks later, feeling pretty good. I can safely say I will never ever have unnecessary surgery after having experienced very necessary surgery and its aftercare! I am so grateful to the hospital that they got me in there and sorted me out so quickly, and I also couldn't be more grateful to my boyfriend who forced me to phone the doctor - he may have just saved my life.

So since then it's been recovery and stuff, but in between times I have turned into an adult - Yes, 21 years of age, how old am I. (21. yes, I know riight). I had a fabulous day, and a fabulous evening meal with my extended family. An unplanned journey home turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I got to spend my birthday with everyone here instead of in my student house trying not to catch something.

In illustration terms I really haven't had the chance to do anything in between birthday celebrations and recovering from my operation, although I have had the chance to take a few photos. My nextdoor neighbour has recently rescued a Jackdaw that flew down from our roof but didn't make it with the others, and is now trying to train it and get it back to a good condition for flying away. I got to take some photos of him, so I will put them on here too. I also have a few pages from my scrapbook that I was going to upload before my operation so I will probably do those in a new post save me doing them here :)

For now enjoy this whimsical bird. Yay