Monday, 18 October 2010


Just a brief one today. It is my brother's birthday tomorrow and over the weekend I designed him a card, which he received in the post today so I can put it on here without ruining the surprise! The style I have used on this card isn't one I use in my studio practise. I wish I could because it is so much fun but I just think I would get laughed right out of the course, and I would probably be pressured to digitally colour it or something. Eugh, not my strong point. Anyway, the subject is a little geeky I'm afraid, so here's a brief explanation (if you care!) - Mohinder Suresh is a scientist in the tv show Heroes, which we (my brother and I) have been catching up on over summer. His name fits rather well into a certain summer smash hit by one Katy Perry... (lyrics provided by my lovely brother...)

Speaking of Katy Perry, I was over the moon on Saturday morning when my flatmate managed to secure us two tickets to her show in Birmingham! Some musical and candyland delights to look forward to. Which puts it into perspective that before then I will have one completed dissertation under my belt. It's gonna be a tough few months of brain exercise.

Saturday, 16 October 2010


So it's been two weeks since I officially became a third year. Scary stuff. It's started quite well, I've already completed a project and I am embarking on research for my big dissertation that will become 20% of my final grade. I have included a few things from my sketchbook from this first project I did, an example of some typography that I designed and a sketch of a cemetery angel that I did in preparation for an idea which in the end I didn't go through with, but I enjoyed the sketching nevertheless.

I am getting excited about some new project ideas and some potential collaboration with my flatmate who does journalism, so hopefully there will be some good stuff on the go, watch this space! I also designed a birthday card for my brother yesterday, which I will be putting up on Tuesday so that he gets to see it before anyone else! I'm surprisingly proud of it and I wish I could get away with drawing like that for uni, I just doubt anyone would take me seriously if I did. The card involves a certain character from a tv show that my brother and I have recently gotten back into watching, and it's a shame that its run finally came to and end recently. Amazing writing.

My Daily Chalk blog has been going quite well for the last two weeks, luckily it hasn't become a chore yet and I am still enjoying coming up with a new thing to draw every morning, though one night I did nearly forget and had to rush to get a picture of it before it got wiped off the board!

Had my second anniversary with Chris too last weekend, I remember writing on here about the same thing last year which is quite scary. It's quite amazing to think that I have managed to keep this blog going for a whole year despite it's trivial nature, but I kind of feel it has helped me get myself a little more organised.

Look out for the birthday card in the next post - and maybe even some spelling mistakes... (maybe I should change my blog title..)

Sunday, 3 October 2010


It's the final day of my summer, and oh what a long, long summer it has been. 16 weeks of healing, being at home, relaxing with my family and not being at all as productive as was necessary. It's now time to get going - I have to have a dissertation synopsis for the 22nd october and I also have to have some serious work on the go too. It's time to re-evaluate, and hopefully get something good going.

As it is the end of summer, my favourite time is coming - a/w 2010 on the high street! I have never really talked about fashion in this blog before, but I guess my blog is becoming a lot more general recently because I haven't had many drawings or spelling mistakes to report.. might be time for a new blog title soon perhaps. Anyway, about the season. I have been feasting my eyes on fur-lined boots, thick tights, plaid shorts, fur coats (which luckily my style-conscious mother kept for me from their first appearance in the 80s) and many other autumnal lovelies. Of course, my eye is as far as these beauties reach thanks to my shameful bank balance, but there is a certain festival beginning with C and ending in hristmas coming up so maybe I will get lucky.

In actual drawing related news, I have a new blog - yippee! It's called the Daily Chalk, and the idea is simple - a new drawing on our lovely kitchen chalk board every day. Nothing fancy, nothing that aims for artistic merit to rival Rembrandt or anything like that, just some simple fun drawings to keep myself going. I've been having a few problems with editing the layout at the moment but it's looking presentable, and it's only meant to be a bit of fun anyway. I hope to be able to update it every day, if not to put on each drawing at the end of the week or something. I will hopefully have some new stuff to show you on here soon too, but for now enjoy some random drawings and visions of cosy fashion.