Wednesday, 21 April 2010


I have finally put scissor to magazine and done something creative! yippee! why is it that every time I have visual studies I like what I produce more in those lessons than what I do for my actual work. I should really re-evaluate what I am doing... but for now I can relish in what I have done. Kind of.

Next stop book jackets for me at uni - Shakespeare called out to me and I had to answer. I'm thinking paper theatres and crazy photographs so far, and I hope spending time with my foundation friendlies last week in bourneymouth has inspired me to be a bit more out there. It was my friend's 21st and we had fun times with barbecues and very chocolatey gateaux, and I have realised how good it is to be around arty people because it really influences you.

I also passed up the opportunity to buy an old polaroid camera the other day and now I'm kind of regretting it - I thought the film cost would outweigh the novelty value but now I am not so sure! maybe luck will come to me and the camera will be sitting there waiting for me when I go back to the car boot. For now I will be content with the 3ft barbie doll I got, now named Brian.

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  1. the film is expensive but you should defiantly invest in a polaroid, they are bomb proof, and the pictures are worth it completely. x