Thursday, 13 May 2010


Today I have been striving to avoid writing my essay. Yes, the very same essay I was meant to be doing when I last updated nearly a week ago. This morning I've been working on my uni work, a poster for an arts and literature festival, there's a picture of me at the bottom of this blog constructing my prop for the photo for that poster. I used an old book and I sort of collaged and drew onto it. I then put my hand drawn type into it on photoshop.

This afternoon I did a bit of my favourite thing - charity shopping. I'm always on the hunt for Jackie annuals from the 1970's so I always check out the kid's book shelves. Today I didn't manage to find Jackie, but I did find someone called Diana, a similar style annual, from 1978. It's got similar comic stories, and beauty tips, it's so retro and it feels warped to read the style of it today. The moon shaped illustration is from Diana, and I thought it was really beautiful so I wanted to share it with you! I don't know who did it but all credit to them, obviously. The picture of the celebrity stamps is also from Diana, see if you can name all of those 70's faces!

I also found an annual from 1995 on that shelf - Barbie! This annual would have come out when I was 6 when I was just getting into playing with Barbies so looking at it really made me reminiss. The photos and illustrations in there are totally awful in hindsight, but back then man were they cool. I was surprised to see that the crosswords weren't done. Magic

After that I went for a walk with Chris and we took our cameras, and I did a few close up shots of the may flowers - see the snowdrops at the start. The photos are all a bit mixed up sorry!

Diana annual 1978

Barbie Annual 1995

Celebrity St-armps - Diana Annual, 1978

So there we have it. No drawing! I'll get some stuff up soon. I really should do my work. Damn.


  1. OMFG, I LOVE the Barbie annual! Can't wait for it to be in my life! You should upload loads of the pics from it and we can 'heart' them. P.s, I love you, but you spelt reminisce wrong. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  2. I clearly did that just for you... ;) can't wait for your face to be within the same walls as mine x