Monday, 5 July 2010

laparoscopic appendectomy

Well well well. Welly Welly Welly. Wellity Wellity Wellity.

it has been a LONG time!

As you may have gathered from the technical sounding blog post title, I had something technical sounding happen to me at the start of June. On the Saturday I was feeling a little off and in some pain, just thought, ah well, muscles or something. By the Sunday morning I was on my way to the Surgical Receiving Unit at the RCH ready to have my stupid turgid appendix removed. Yippee! Sunday night at around 10pm I was wheeled off to surgery and by Monday afternoon I was back home. Tuesday saw me zooming back to the midlands with my mom and all my stuff in tow, ready for some recovery.

So here I am, four weeks later, feeling pretty good. I can safely say I will never ever have unnecessary surgery after having experienced very necessary surgery and its aftercare! I am so grateful to the hospital that they got me in there and sorted me out so quickly, and I also couldn't be more grateful to my boyfriend who forced me to phone the doctor - he may have just saved my life.

So since then it's been recovery and stuff, but in between times I have turned into an adult - Yes, 21 years of age, how old am I. (21. yes, I know riight). I had a fabulous day, and a fabulous evening meal with my extended family. An unplanned journey home turned out to be a blessing in disguise as I got to spend my birthday with everyone here instead of in my student house trying not to catch something.

In illustration terms I really haven't had the chance to do anything in between birthday celebrations and recovering from my operation, although I have had the chance to take a few photos. My nextdoor neighbour has recently rescued a Jackdaw that flew down from our roof but didn't make it with the others, and is now trying to train it and get it back to a good condition for flying away. I got to take some photos of him, so I will put them on here too. I also have a few pages from my scrapbook that I was going to upload before my operation so I will probably do those in a new post save me doing them here :)

For now enjoy this whimsical bird. Yay

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