Wednesday, 15 September 2010


I have no new pictures again today. Sad times. But I just wanted to post something, so maybe I will find some kind of visual compliment to my post.

I have realised it is time to get serious. I need to sort out my stupid projects and my stupid dissertation and everything else stupid in my life - it's the doing it that will be tricky. But I have at least come to a decision about what to do on my first project, which is lucky cos I need to post it off tomorrow! I also need to find out what my true style is, and try in some way to stick to it, because otherwise my portfolio is going to be a total mess this time next year. That's if I want it. It's gonna be a big year. Back in Falmouth in less than two weeks now, back on the student bandwagon ready for some library and studio fun!

I think I will fish out more of my work from that same project I mentioned in the last post, as I have a small idea brewing it might become a little relevant soon. :)

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