Monday, 18 October 2010


Just a brief one today. It is my brother's birthday tomorrow and over the weekend I designed him a card, which he received in the post today so I can put it on here without ruining the surprise! The style I have used on this card isn't one I use in my studio practise. I wish I could because it is so much fun but I just think I would get laughed right out of the course, and I would probably be pressured to digitally colour it or something. Eugh, not my strong point. Anyway, the subject is a little geeky I'm afraid, so here's a brief explanation (if you care!) - Mohinder Suresh is a scientist in the tv show Heroes, which we (my brother and I) have been catching up on over summer. His name fits rather well into a certain summer smash hit by one Katy Perry... (lyrics provided by my lovely brother...)

Speaking of Katy Perry, I was over the moon on Saturday morning when my flatmate managed to secure us two tickets to her show in Birmingham! Some musical and candyland delights to look forward to. Which puts it into perspective that before then I will have one completed dissertation under my belt. It's gonna be a tough few months of brain exercise.

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