Thursday, 4 November 2010

Super 8

I really do love charity shops. I just wandered through town today, browsing for nothing in particular, when I came across a Halina Super 8mm film camera. I honestly have no idea how to use it, where I will get a cartridge from or even if you can still process the film.. but it was so cheap that I thought I needed to get it just so I could have a closer look without standing in the shop for hours! I also got myself a little Christmas cook book as ebay so kindly informed me that it's only 51 days away. Pretty scary stuff. Going to post up some of the pictures from that book soon probably, there's some amazingly disgusting things in there. Gotta love st.michael's in the 80s!


  1. How are you getting on with this camera?
    I recently inherited one but white in colour.
    I'm currently looking for some cartridges so I can give it go.

  2. Hi there Scott - mine is currently in the hands of my brother, and I haven't actually used it yet, shocking I know! I had a lot of trouble trying to source some cartridges but even more trouble finding somewhere that could process them! I'd love to hear if you find anywhere reputable that sells cartridges. good luck with yours!