Thursday, 4 August 2011


So it's been a little busy recently - have been up and down and across the country on trips to Ogmore-by-sea, Falmouth and Brighton so it's been rather quiet on the illustration front. I recently uploaded some old photos from my camera that I forgot about (whoops) so this blog will contain a few of those instead.

British bluebells coating Lanhydrock's grounds

The bluebells covering the forest floor

A wider view of the grounds

One of my favourite National Trust houses here in the UK is Lanhydrock, a stunning house with a rich history. It's particularly stunning in Spring, as many of its acres are bathed in bluebells at this time, which is what inspired me to take these photos when I was there in April of this year. I highly recommend a visit to this property, especially during the Spring and Summer months.

A short blog this time as I have a few projects lined up, but in the hope of not jinxing them I shall update when I have more certain news.

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