Tuesday, 14 February 2012


It's time for some new work - after my logo design that I posted a few days ago I wanted to experiment more with using my trusty dip pen and a digital collaging technique that I had started to perfect on my phone illustrations as well as my Downton Abbey poster.

So then, I suppose if I were to be brave and rich enough to have a gigantic colourful tattoo it would probably look a bit like this...

This was also inspired by my good friend Natasha as I knew she would love to see a sugar skull style drawing! I'd love to hear any comments on what you readers think of this style. 

I suppose it's also a little bit lovey-dovey in its own crazy way, so consider this my Valentine to you all and all that I love - Happy Valentine's day! 


  1. I love it!!!! It's so detailed and textured! You've done me proud :) eeeee!

  2. :D I'm so glad! heeeee! I got well excited with the detail and the oooooh texture! :D x