Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Since completing my information project, I have been home to research for a new project that started this week. In that week I had the pleasure of surprising my best friend on her eighteenth birthday with a visit, which was an absolute delight. She had been begging me to come home and I managed to convince her that I couldn't come no matter what happened, so to see her face when I appeared standing behind her was a wonderful thing - I even made her burst into tears! Her appreciation at the mere fact I was there made me realise how much I appreciate her and miss her while I am here, and made me think about friends. I'm the kind of person who doesn't need hundreds of friends and cherishes the ones that are closest to me, and they are all so different that I feel lucky to know them all. Oh, cheese, please.

Moving on. For the past two weeks I have been scanning fashion magazines and it is safe to say I am quite obsessed with floral patterns at the moment, particularly roses and big colours. It is the only trend I will be following however, as I can't see myself in yellow or sportswear or modern army gear somehow! Since learning of the tragic death of one of my favourite designers, Alexander McQueen, a couple of weeks ago, it has made me question what is going on in fashion and I hope there are people like him graduating so that we have fresh and unusual pieces coming back into the world soon.

Finally, some pictures, yipeee. I have scanned a couple of spreads from my reportage sketchbook that I keep for my course at uni, I admit I am not very good at keeping it so these are some of the better spreads. Enjoy!

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