Monday, 24 January 2011


Happy New Year!

I'd love to say that there's been SO much happening that I simply haven't had a single moment to stop and rest to write this, but that would be a rather large lie. I've had a fabulous bit of time off, enjoying the Christmas break and a particularly retro New Year party, and now I'm back in Falmouth. To be fair, the Falmouth bit has involved quite a lot of work and not much time, but there we go.

Firstly, I'll tell you a bit about New Year. We had a 1940s themed VE Day party for our New Year and strangely despite our house being late Victorian it really worked in the setting. We had the Union Jack flags flying and the Vera Lynn songs playing - I managed to come across this great website called the Keep Calm O-Matic, a website that lets you generate your own Keep Calm and Carry On, so you too can have the now infamous poster in either its original or your own doctored form. I added a few of my sneaky reworkings taped up around the bar for the party - here's an example.

I also dolled myself up in the 1940s style. Most guests opted for the soldier look, the land girl look or one or two had bandages round their heads! We even had a Winston Churchill (luckily nobody decided to be Hitler, though it would have made for some interesting little skits with Churchill). I opted for the sort of, I was Betty Grable in a former life look. I had a real fur (thanks mum) stole draped over my shoulders with a little ditzy blouse and a roll in my fringe.

ANYWAY. I realise this is at the moment kind of my illustration/life/rambling blog, but on its way soon is going to be my own self-promotional fully-devoted-to-illustration website. News of it will be posted here, and the site will link back to this blog, but as of then my serious work illustrations can all be seen in the portfolio section of the site. This may mean that this blog becomes a bit more personal (not that it isn't already ha) and the true illustrations will be on the website. Exciting news!

But seeing as I don't actually have my website yet, I have a little bit of work to show here. Recently I read a book called The Ice Cream Girls by Dorothy Koomson, a wonderful novel in my humble opinion, but I (apparently along with other reviewers I have read online) thought the cover wasn't quite right, so for one of my uni projects decided to have a go at re-doing it. I have cropped in to the image that I have used, not showing the full image as it might give the concept away - you can see the full image on my website soon!

As for the rest of my time, it's mostly taken up with lovely dissertation work. And by lovely I mean confusing, sinfully boring and a whole lot more complicated than I originally thought.

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