Monday, 7 February 2011


Today was a bit of a milestone in the progress of my degree. I went into town today and got my final copies of my dissertation bound and ready to hand in - yippee! At a rather large 8497 words I am glad to say it's finally over, all done and ready for marking. Though the annoying thing is I don't find out what I got until I actually get my results in June, but there we go. The finishing of said dissertation means that from now on 100% of my time can be dedicated to studio work, which should fully enable me to come up with some great stuff. In theory.

Currently I am still working on my personal website, which will be linked from here in a few weeks when it goes live (Very exciting) and will also link back to this blog. (and will also link to my twitter, very linked up indeed). I have included here a few sketches that will be appearing in the sketchbook part of my web site just so you have something to look at. These were some drawings I did in second year as part of research for various projects.

Also today I wandered around Falmouth looking for some last minute Birthday preparations for a couple of important people, trust them to all have birthdays in the same month! As I was looking for some sticky back plastic (all will be revealed in the future!) I wandered through WHSmith past something rather beautiful on the shelf. Through a bit of internet research I found that these new Harry Potter book covers are aimed at bringing the books to an audience that did not grow up with them.

They really caught my eye as truly brilliant book covers, this one for the Prisoner of Azkaban being my favourite (click here for the illustrator's website, some beautiful stuff on there). I love the simplicity of the design as well as the colours she has chosen to use. I also love the way that, if you have read the books already, you know exactly what the illustration is referencing, and at the same time if you haven't read them it creates a lovely sense of visual intrigue.

I adore these covers and it would make me buy them again even though I have read all the books to death!

Also this week I have been very busy creating a birthday surprise for one of my friends - photos of which will go up next week as I don't want to ruin the surprise!

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