Thursday, 21 April 2011


It's been all about the gardens recently in my life - not only have I been out enjoying this gloriously warm, early summer sunshine but there's also been a bit of green in my work!

My mother is organising a trip to the Magic Garden in Wolverhampton for her and her ladies' club. This private garden in Wolverhampton is a glittering retreat from the city. The garden is part of the National Gardens scheme which aims to make money for charity by opening special gardens to the public.
The poster above is intended just to advertise the particular event my mother is organising, as there are many dates the garden is open for the public to see. I decided it would be a good opportunity to design my own typeface, and the hand drawn lettering incorporates stars and flowers in order to match the arch around the image. It took me a while to decide which set type to use but I decided a simple garamond wouldn't detract too much from the main typeface. The quote underneath the date is from the main description on their website; a lovely poetic quote that matches the feel of the gardens.


  1. love the tyopgraphy han! I think you have a talent for it, I can never do it, loving the border too. I could see this on a book cover!

  2. Typography is beaaautiful!! I love the colourscheme to pieces as well, although I'd agree with a lot of the Facebook comments about the dog; I think the face needs tweaking the most but I like the style contrast, gives it interest! J'adore

  3. thankyoou, I'm tempted to stick to type alone to be honest! I agree Cathy, definitely need to improve my dog drawing skills, might try painting him in, luckily he's on a different photoshop layer! Thankyou for the positive comments :)

  4. i love it huni, got to agree with cathy about the dog though, plus i think he needs moving up too a little so u see it's paws x x