Friday, 22 April 2011


Thought I would share with you some of the typography I have done for projects throughout my time at Falmouth. I always seem to get positive feedback on the way I hand draw my type and so I have put together a little list of my favourite ones. I have an idea for a type based illustration involving Shakespeare too so I hope this list can inspire me for that.

The type I draw is usually influenced by heavily decorated Victorian typefaces, and some of the 're-imaginings' here are directly from Victorian type. Others have more of a handwriting/script feel.

Close up of the Magic Garden font I designed for this poster

Victorian style type for my recipe at TheyDrawandCook

Reinterpretation of a Victorian font for a project about baking history

Handwriting style font I used for a poster

Handwriting with ink and capitals with light graffiti

Stencilled type for a poster for the Don't Panic Norwegian Wood competition

Traced ink type for an editorial for my good friend Camilla

Illuminated letters for a book festival poster

A victorian style font for a prospective map of the Black Country Living Museum

Type I created for my auction artwork

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