Saturday, 21 April 2012


Just a quick post to share a feature with you all - A couple of weeks ago I was featured on a site called The Young Creatives, a great fledgling collection of artists, designers, crafters and other creative types. Their site is chock full of fabulous folks and it's a great way to connect to other artists. They did a small feature on my work  which you can read here.

They also featured a good friend of mine and fab illustrator Natasha Aldred, whose feature you can look at here. As well as featuring on artists and creatives, they also share interesting articles and event details for the artistic community. Go have a browse!

You can follow The Young Creatives on twitter, at @t_yc. To see blog updates and new works you can also follow Natasha, @natasha_aldred.

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  1. This interview made me miss you so much! Congrats on the exposure my darling, stardom awaits! :) xxx