Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Today I was featured on Illustration Rally's Album Cover Rally. Before I entered I had a browse at some of the things that were already up and there's some beautiful pieces on there, go have a look! Illustration Rally always have great open submissions going on so keep an eye out on their blog - you can also follow them on twitter at @Illustration_R.

When I saw the rally I had a couple of album ideas in mind but I decided to settle on Katy Perry's Teenage Dream as the sweet sugary theme of the album lends itself quite well to my work, and I wanted to experiment with some new kinds of type. I also wanted to make a feature of the famous blue hair that Katy was sporting at various events when the album came out. The type on my new banner above is an extension of the type I designed for this piece. The the above image is the variation I settled on for the rally, which is featured here.

I decided to include a few of the other variations in this post as I was quite pleased with all of them!