Tuesday, 10 November 2009


Just finished reading a book called "Nightlight"; a Harvard Lampoon take on the ever popular Twilight novels. It was brilliant - it encapsulated Bella's character completely - if you're not afraid to take the mick out of something you love (you lovely twihards out there) then give it a read, it's worth it.

Started to read a nice new copy of an old favourite as well today that I got from the bookseller in Fal, which is "To kill a Mockingbird". I adore this book, I have done since I studied it in school and I thought it was about time I got a nice new copy of it, and I happened to pick one up that had a really nice cover illustration on it. Not sure who it's by, I'll find out, I think it's a Penguin version of the book though.

As I have been reading so much recently I decided to make myself a little bookmark with the stamp that Jenna got for me and my new cutting and sticking skills from visual studies, hoorah. the wierd shape in the middle is supposed to be an open book, if you were wondering.

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