Tuesday, 17 November 2009


I recently purchased the greatest hits album by Will Young. It made me feel pretty old! I forgot how much I loved him as a teenager and having all these hits has made me feel better, it's pretty perfect for cheering you up on a rainy horrible day.

Had my mum and her friend over for the weekend, and her daughter who is one of my best friends. I love seeing people from home because it really makes me appreciate the change in accent that occurs depending on who is around, and listening to phrases like "her was reeasty" and "ooh he were fusty" really makes me miss the black country.

Not got a lot of new work to show at the minute, but my friend from uni created a lovely spelling error the other day - her campaign for her advertising project became french camping when she spelt it "campagne"on the presentation sheets. It did make my day just a little.

Because I haven't got much new stuff going on as I am in the brainstorming stage of a children's narrative fiction project, I've decided to put up a bit of typography I did in my summer sketchbook that made the motto of the last owner of Snowshill Manor - Let Nothing Perish.

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