Tuesday, 24 November 2009


I am an official teeny bopper. I went to see New Moon on the day it came out. Then I went to see it again on the following evening.

I have to say, it really did not dissappoint, it was a beautifully made and brilliantly edited movie, with a perfect soundtrack and great direction, I am glad Chris Weitz got it right with this one. It was also pretty faithful to the story by Stephenie Meyer despite a few minor edits. The best part of the film for me was Taylor Lautner's portrayal of Jacob Black, which I thought was really true to how Jacob acts in the book, and made his part of the story more important. It made the wolves look pretty good, even though there were all the cool vampires. It was good to have Lautner to look at rather than just Rob Pattinson, because as much as I love him those amber eyes are pretty creepy.

But less of my I-want-to-review-films attitude, back to the point. Back to a lovely apostrophe I saw the other day. Recipes in a newspaper, font really rather big.


(pie's what?)

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