Tuesday, 10 May 2011


And finally.
This is the last piece to go into my illustration portfolio all ready for our New York trip. This is a cover design for The Great Gatsby. I recently listened to the book on audiobook, read by Frank Muller, whose voice was so lovely to listen to and suited the story perfectly. I wanted to do the cover for this book particularly after hearing Fitzgerald's detailed descriptions of the characters, particularly Daisy whom I have represented on the cover itself. I did the whole book jacket for my portfolio, but I decided just to show the front here. I surprised myself with this one, because it doesn't stylistically match most of my portfolio but I think the pattern behind the skyline really helps to tie it in.

I'm getting excited about New York on Sunday, it's a little strange to think I will be there for a whole week, it still hasn't yet sunk in!


  1. i really like this m'dear, but you already know that :)

  2. thankyou my love! I am rather proud of it :) looks good in print too!