Monday, 23 May 2011


Got back from New York City on Saturday evening! It was a tiresome and amazing experience. It felt so strange to see the city that is depicted in so many films and television programmes, it's almost odd to see that the city is even real. It's like visiting a place you saw in a dream and finding out that it's real. Cheesy right?

My highlights were: the Harry Potter exhibition in Discovery Times Square; John Leguizamo's one-man show Ghetto Klown at the Lyceum theatre (I LOVE him and it was hilarious); the NYC ballet performing Don Quixote; going to Serendipity3 for hot chocolate and cheesecake; and standing in the middle of Times Square looking at all of the skyscrapers. I have found a selection of the best of my 285 photos that I took while I was there, still need to scan in my disposable camera photos. (I got a fair few pictures of Coney Island on my disposable too, a place which I found haunting and really very depressing, the colourfulness seemed ironic somehow).

fisheye photos of Times Square

The most amazing café in New York! I highly reccommend it.

Skyscrapers behind Rockerfeller Center

fisheye of Rockerfeller and surrounding buildings

Fisheye of Rockerfeller Center (it was so tall that I had to use this filter to even get it in the frame)

The surprisingly amazing view from the window on the 11th floor at our hostel (westside YMCA)

Yellow cabs line up on Broadway

I really REALLY wanted a croissant in my hand. But I did not have one. Seeing it was enough to make me feel like Audrey herself though.

The street signs fascinate me!

A picture that captures the bustle of Broadway.

cool fire escapes.

More yellow taxis rush around Times Square.

In illustration terms, the feedback I got was... well, it was concise, to the point, and honest. Nobody is perfect. So I have a direction, or at least I think I do, in terms of what I should be doing and what I should ditch(!). I hope that at least for now it can lead me to a half decent end of degree show, and maybe a half decent mark to go with it.

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