Thursday, 15 October 2009


I was very sad to find out yesterday that Maggie Jones, who plays Blanche Hunt in the soap Coronation Street, has been through a serious operation and an illness :( she is on the mend now, and I am very glad as I think she is so fabulous. Her comedy performances are second to none, and she is the subject of various caricatures that I do for my brother, one of them in the birthday card I have recently finished for him. My brother and I have many inside random jokes that we share and it has now become a little tradition for me to document them on his birthday cards, so here is an image of it for all of you/nobody who read this. The jokes come from all kinds of sources,a lot of them on youtube, so if you are curious in any of them you could try searching "the milk sex and the city", "yu-gi-oh abridged", "potter puppet pals" or "123456Pokemon". I haven't posted the cardt to him yet so I hope he likes it when he receives it soon (postalstrike forgiving!)

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