Friday, 23 October 2009


I forgot to actually add text to my last blog, so here we go. We have been experimenting with expressive faces in our visual studies sessions at uni over the past two weeks, and the previous image is one of these examples. I used fineliner for the image in the last blog, and for the next image in this blog I used gouache paint for the face and Crayola wax crayons for the hair. I love experimenting with new combinations of materials and I'm really getting into using gouache paint.

Life outside of my studio has been just so, nothing too exciting happening but it's life isn't it. Seen a few friends, done a few errands, same old same. Watched the movie Year One with my flatmates the other day, which was mediocre, but Michael Cera who I love had some brilliant one liners, made me happy.

Another thing I haven't mentioned in this blog yet, seeing as it is called thoughts and observations, is something I like to observe all the time - spelling. It's become a little bit of an obsession for me, which is probably bad considering my boyfriend is dyslexic, but I keep wanting to correct bad spelling that I see all over the place. Here's a few examples.

A category label on a shelf in my university library, in the section refering to folklore...

"399 - Customs & Folk Law"

A sign in my university cafe...

"Hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmellows"

My friend from uni writing something on her hand...


Another friend who works in a bar showed me his promo posters...

"A great experiance"

there's just a few examples. You might think it's a bit of an obsession, which it really is, and I do sometimes feel bad for pointing them out. But as trivial as it is, it doesn't half get to me! Although I do enjoy it when these signs become humorous because of their downfalls!

8th Feb 2010 - Just realised since writing this blog I have infact changed the name of the blog to drawings and spelling mistakes, purely because of how much each amuses me :)

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