Monday, 12 October 2009


Ok, I admit I have already seemed to forget about blogging slightly, as I have had lots of project work to be getting on with for uni over the last week. Had a project about contextualising an inanimate object to make it into something conceptual, and my word was bags, which was a fun little project to start off with. Getting onto the editorials this week, which will be fun!

This weekend (saturday 10th) was my first year anniversary with Chris, and we had a really great day,and he gave me a fab little necklace as a gift :) I can't believe it has been a year since we met and it's amazing to think how time has passed without noticing, which was highlighted this week as I didn't even realise I hadn't blogged all week!

to finish, here's a small section of one of the"bag" illustrations I did last week, which was all about emotional baggage and beight weighed down by your emotions on a daily basis. I used patterned and plain coloured papers to make this collage.

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