Saturday, 5 March 2011


Today I spent a little time taking some photos for my flatmate who is doing a journalistic piece about finishing touches to home interiors. I offered up a few of my own pieces and also offered my illustration hand to do some hand rendered typography for the first page (see my rough mock up above). I simply found some suitable set types and traced them to the spacing and size that I wanted with some tracing paper. Have used these fonts on some book jackets I did as uni projects and I thought they went really well together, which is why I chose to use them again here. The rest was a little more photoshop magic. I really enjoyed the quality of the photos I got so I thought I would share a few with you. The piece will be in Millie's brilliant blog soon and you can see that here.

Table with my scrapbook laid open on it

lots of little touches to complete the look

I really enjoyed making some hand lettering today, and I hope do some type like this for my children's book (obviously I intend to make it a little more child friendly though!) See back here soon for some progress on that front.

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