Friday, 4 March 2011


I wanted to share a few more artwork experiments for the upcoming children's book project I am working on. It's been hard to get to this stage as this style isn't one I settled upon quickly, it's taken a bit of work to loosen the work up. But at the same time I don't want to abandon the painting style I use, it does feel a bit like I have too many things happening. Hope to update my website with these experimentations and artworks soon.

It's been an interesting week, a bit of a journey through these artworks, it's been getting a bit stressful but I think once I can see them with the text and everything on them it'll look a bit more complete. Also have been looking forward to getting started on an illustration for the uni's illustration annual which is based around quotes and sayings. Got some good quotes in mind for it, have been drawing inspiration from a few of my favourite films and hopefully the outcome will be good enough to get in the book.

Feeling a bit odd this week. Doesn't help that I have a giant cold.

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