Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Seeing as I don't have much new stuff to show for myself, I thought I would show you another six I did. I really should send those soon! I'm not sure if I want to use this one yet, I just enjoyed drawing it. It was inspired by this font, which as I look back at it now doesn't actually include numbers. I guess this is what it would look like! I really liked using brown ink for this, but for the victorian type style I have used in the other sixes I may use a bit of photoshop magic and change them to a nice tealy colour or maybe a dark red.

At the moment I am doing a poster project for a lecture about the amazing Downton Abbey which is happening at the Du Maurier festival in May. I thought I would have a go at doing some prospective event posters that were a bit different, as I thought the original posters will probably include photography. I have been playing around on photoshop with silhouettes, and this is what that came out like :

I thought that through using some kind of patterns and things I could reflect the status of the people. Not sure if that's going to work yet. I am getting my excitement back a little bit, but I am finishing for Easter this friday. I MUST WORK AT EASTER! Might have to get that tattooed on my head!

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