Friday, 18 March 2011


Russell Brand sketch for quote idea

The two Ronnies

This week has been interesting. I've come to a bit of a realisation about my work, and I think that I needed this week to really get it. I have been designing my illustration for the quotes book that I mentioned last week, and the week started with an idea about portraits and type that involved comedians. These few sketches are some of the prep that I did for that piece, but yesterday I realised it wasn't necessarily saying enough about me as an illustrator, so the idea has now changed completely!

This is a section of the new idea for the quotes book, which is a lot more 'me' really, as it will give me a chance to use my hand rendered type as well as be about a subject I enjoy. The quote itself is still undecided, I have a few to choose from which is good. Easter is going to hopefully give me an opportunity to get loads of work generated. Feel like I have a positive end to an otherwise difficult week.

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